Jesus in Every Book of the Bible?

I may have missed the boat on this kid, but I came across it this morning. I don’t know what to think of it. There’s a part of me that admires a kid with this much faith. And then there’s another part of me who, cynically, can’t stop thinking about how brainwashed this kid is.

Is this what we’re pushing from the youth of our church? I can’t really buy that this is the end-all aim of youth ministry. But it sure is interesting. Check it out.

Any thoughts? Reactions?

Part of me thinks the emotional swell has everything to do with the subliminal use of cymbals. Either way, what do you think of this?



  1. I think it’s a ripoff of noted CCM father-son band Aaron Jeoffrey’s Dove Award winning song “He Is”:

    Vocals come in at about 1:15.

  2. Eh, it’s interesting. Obviously this kid was just given this to memorize. There is no way he came up with this on his own. It’s true. Is this the objective of youth ministry? Absolutely not. Is it interesting? Is it inspiring? Yes. Would my church do something like this to play on the emotions of its congregants? Probably.

    • Thanks for the responses. I think a lot of times we mistake this kind of heavily emotive sentiment for true and genuine faith. I have some theological issues as well in seeing Jesus in the Hebrew scriptures, but those seem to take a back seat to the implications for ministry with youth. And I’m scared at the number of churches that would probably do things like this to play with the heartstrings of the congregation.

      And, Fred, it certainly does seem to rip it off, if not blatantly steal the idea. Now if only the kid could sing like that…

      • tsmith0095 says:

        It’s not a rip off or stealing the idea…. It’s the song in spoken form, exactly. I wonder if they contacted the requested the use from the original artist?

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