Church in the Present Tense

So I ventured out to Barnes and Noble a couple days ago and picked up this book, Church in the Present Tense. In the newest publication from the folks at Emergent Village, Scot McKnight, Peter Rollins, Kevin Corcoran and Jason Clark take a look at the landscape of church as it is, not as it was and not as it will be. They split up four general topics and two of them write about each. The areas covered here are philosophy, theology, worship and Bible & doctrine. A couple of these writers take a crack and each of the topics in the larger conversation of what the church looks like in the present tense.

That being said, why am I talking about it? Well… (as many young Christian bloggers do) I’m going to write as I journey through it. I’ll take one section at a time and respond to what’s being said, look for practical application to youth ministry pieces in an ultimate search to see what this book has to contribute to the greater conversation of church in the post-modern, post-denominational, post-everything world. I hope you guys will join me for some engagement in these issues as I’m sure they will come up and be worthwhile. That’s all for now. Coming on Thursday… Section 1: Philosophy with Kevin Corcoran and Peter Rollins. Stay tuned!



  1. Looking forward to your review 🙂

    • Thanks, man. Took a little longer than I had intended. But just finished. Posting in the morning. Loved the first half of the book. Looking forward to the rest!

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