A New Look

I know it has been a few months since I’ve posted. To the few of you who have noticed, I’m sorry and thanks for sticking around. I want to become more intentional about writing down my thoughts and being a participant in the discussions that happen all around the blogosphere.

Part of wanting to do that was re-vamping the look of the site. Even though it’s a new look, a lot of the similar stuff will be here: music, movies, tv, culture, and how it all impacts our faith (and maybe how faith impacts our music, movies, tv and culture). I’m getting ready to really get into a lot of good stuff on here so I hope you’ll stick around.

What do you think of the new look? It’s no bald Britney, but I think it’s pretty solid.

Side note: I’m no longer living in St. Paul. I got married in the beginning of August and we did our best snow-bird impressions and headed south to Arizona. The middle of August may have been an odd time to do that, but we’re here nonetheless. I’m an intern pastor at a church down in Mesa. It’s been a great first month and will be a really good year.


Please keep your comments positive. I reserve the right to delete rude or insulting comments. If your comment is critical, please make sure it is also constructive. Thank you.

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