Music Monday: Indigo Girls Edition

I got the new Indigo Girls album late last week and haven’t gotten too much of a chance to listen to it… yet.

But in that spirit, this week’s Music Monday is brought to you by the Indigo Girls.

Here are some of their past favorites. If you aren’t familiar with their music, these are the ones to be familiar with.

Closer to Fine — This song gets stuck in my head at the most random times. And I’m never sad about that.

Galileo — Great harmonies!

Secure Yourself — Probably my favorite song of theirs.

Power of Two  

Bonus: Love’s Recovery (Live w/ Sarah McLachlan) — The very first blog I ever had was named after this song. So good.

What’s your favorite Indigo Girls song? Which of these spoke to you?

Next week’s Music Monday will be a special concert edition! I’m seeing the Avett Brothers next Friday so I’ll be posting some of my favorites of theirs.

Hope you all enjoyed the music and have a wonderful, music-filled Monday.



  1. 🙂 I like your Music Monday recommendations. I always post recommendations on Mondays, too! I’m jealous that you get to see the Avett Brothers!

    • Thanks for commenting! I’m pretty excited about the Avett Brothers show. It should be great! And those Feist tunes you posted are some of my favorites. That version of “I Feel It All” is incredible. I have most of her CD’s –haven’t gotten the new one yet — but it’s always nice to get re-acquainted.

      And the KoC song I’ve been obsessed with lately is “Homesick”. Very Simon & Garfunkel-y. Great stuff.

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