Instagram Friday!

Before I even begin, an admission: This is a shameless hijacking of ideas from the wonderful, awesome, incredible ladies at Steeples & Stilettos. They have Instagram Thursdays and I loved the idea so I did Instagram Friday. They’re Queen’s “Under Pressure” to my “Ice, Ice, Baby”. Whew. That felt good.

Ok now moving forward. This week was big for me. As an introverted media whore (the “introverted” describes me, not the media), I love release dates. Especially when they’re for things I have much anticipated. Books, CDs, DVDs, movies, software, Apple products… You name it. If it has a release date, and it’s something I want, the countdown is on. This past Tuesday, October 11th is a date I had circled on my calendar for not one, not two, but THREE releases that I was looking forward to. Here they are.

Ashes & Fire by Ryan Adams – This is the album cover in the bottom corner of the iTunes screen. Ryan Adams is one of my favorite musicians. He released a whole bunch of discs from 2001-2007, but has been fairly silent since… Until now. He’s incredibly talented and this disc is outrageously good. (Spoiler Alert: He’s also prominent in my Music Monday in a few days so come back for that!)

The Tree of Life – Terrence Malick’s latest came out on DVD/blu-ray this past Tuesday and I swept up to pick up the blu-ray version at Barnes and Noble. Haven’t watched it yet, but am so excited to have it. Such a great movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should highly consider it. Such a good movie.

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides – Like both Adams and Malick, Jeffrey Eugenides is an incredibly talented artist who hones his craft so well as to have very sparse releases. His last book Middlesex was published in 2002 and won the Pulitzer. Incredible book from an incredible talent.

There were a lot of great releases this week. That’s why this picture was an easy pick for this week’s Instagram Friday.

Did any of you rush out to get any of these? If so, what do you think of them? I’m obviously bias, but want to hear your reactions. What do you think?

Have a great, Ryan Adams-Terrence Malick-Jeffrey Eugenides-filled weekend!


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