Incredible Story of NFL Success

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is in his 2nd year playing professional football. For only playing a season and a half so far, he’s already having an incredible impact on his team. He’s a favorite of the fans and a top-notch leader and influence in the locker room. If you watch him on Sunday afternoons, he may look like all the other guys on the field, but his story is anything but ordinary. ESPN report Rachel Nichols did a story a couple weeks back on him and his journey to success playing football. It’s an incredibly sad story that has a hopeful ending. The way he tells his story, you would never guess that he’s the product of such a tough upbringing. Check out the interview. It’s a pretty amazing story.

What’s so hard about this is that hundreds of kids who have similar stories to this, but they don’t have this ending. They never get their story told. They never get out of the destructive cycles that keep them down. Hopefully this can be a message off hope and encouragement for everyone, whether they are directly involved or know someone who is.

What stuck out to you as you watched the interview? Did anything inspire you? What kind of message did you take away from this?


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