My Reading Queue

So I’ve been officially out of the classroom for just over 6 months now. I had heard that once a person finishes their masters, or even undergrad, you don’t start reading again for at least a year. Hasn’t really been my experience. That being said, adding all of the Barnes and Noble gift cards I had, with a Half-Price Books within walking distance and a pretty great library just a 10 minute drive away… I’ve been stocking up. Here is my pile that I hope to get through by the end of the year.

I’ve started reading 4 of them. Working my way through the rest of those before starting anything new. AND I just put four more on hold at the library.

Of all the addictions in the world, I’m glad mine is to books.

What’s on your reading list? Any good books I should check out that you’ve recently read?



  1. Joshua Serrano says:

    I am reading three books right now.
    Reforming the Doctrine of God by F. LeRon Shults. He is good at tracing the trajectories of philosophy’s influence over theology through history.

    Hurt by Chap Clark. I had him as a professor at Fuller. I would recommend this book a lot.

    Dune: The Machine Crusade….I don’t read enough fiction/nonfiction etc.

    • Thanks for commenting, Josh. Sounds like you’re getting into some great stuff. Shults’ “Reforming Theological Anthropology…” is all I’ve read of his, but I really enjoyed it. I’m sure I’ll pick up more of his at some point. I read parts of “Hurt” for my thesis for Andy last spring. Used some of the quotes from his interviews. He just came out with a 2.0 version of that book, I think. I should check that one out too.

      • Joshua Serrano says:

        So far Shults’ “The Postfoundational Task of Theology” has been the best one….in my opinion.

      • Just bought “Postfoundational Task” from Amazon. Found it on there new for $4.75. What a steal. I also ordered some Paul Sponheim. I’ve been getting into some process stuff lately, for better or worse. I think better.

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