A Great Cause Really Needs Your Help!

These are my friends Zach and Bob. I worked with them last summer in Bend, Oregon to help start a non-profit cafe called Common Table. It’s an incredible project and ministry. They operate much like any for-profit restaurant does — they have a menu and tables and people come there to eat. But unlike most restaurants, all of their profits get put back into the restaurant to help feed people in the community who may not be able to get a good, healthy meal elsewhere. It’s an incredible vision for what a community can be. In their own words, they describe it like this:

Common Table is a non-profit Social Entrepreneurship project for the betterment of our community and world.  At the core of Common Table is a café from which we endeavor to serve extraordinary food to all people, both those with the ability to pay, and those who under typical circumstances would not be able to eat at a café…. In addition to providing meals for all people, we will train workers in the food service industry; offer education about healthy eating, sustainable agriculture, local sources of food, and ethical sourcing; gather a diversity of people in the same space for many kinds of public discourse, music, and learning opportunities.  We will use the proceeds from our breakfast and lunch business to pay for the expenses of the facility, evening events, speakers, films, music, discussions, classes, etc. – all pieces of the full Common Table vision.

It really is an incredible vision of some real good that’s going on in the world and they need your help.

Times are tough and donations have been down a bit. They set up a Paypal account on their website or they will also take mail-in donations addressed to:

Common Table
150 NW Oregon Ave
Bend, OR  97701

It’s almost become cliche to say it, but every little bit does help. Please take time to consider it. It would really be a shame to see them close their doors.

Please consider even a $5 donation. It’d help a lot.


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