Words of Faith in Dark Times

Usually blatantly outright displays of faith in settings that aren’t the church often make me a bit squeamish and, to be honest, a little cynical. But watching the Penn State and Nebraska coaching staff and players gather together to pray before the game yesterday gave me chills. It’s a prayer that preaches. Ron Brown is the guy who leads them in prayer. He is the running backs coach for Nebraska, and used to be the Nebraska director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization. I am always in awe when acts of grace and unity rise up out of the ashes of turmoil. Check it out.




  1. Peter Myxter says:

    As a Nebraska fan, this makes me very proud. I thought it was a very classy gesture and a great show of unity for the victims of this tragedy.

    Ron Brown is a great man, as well, and one that we in Husker Nation are so proud to have on our sideline. If you have some time, here’s Brown’s post-game press conference where he talks a bit about how the pre-game prayer came about and his feelings about it:

    Also, here is a great article about his relationship with one of our running backs, who is a practicing Muslim:

    • That’s incredible, man. Those are some great videos. It’s encouraging to see someone so willing to stand up and be a good example for the sake of being a good example. Don’t see that too often anymore. Especially with the backdrop of all that’s happened in Happy Valley.

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