Theology is the Church’s Business

I was reading through some of Paul Tillich’s Systematics stuff today and a part jumped out at me that I felt compelled to share.

“Theology, as a function of the Christian church, must serve the needs of the church. A theological system is supposed to satisfy two basic needs: the statement of the truth of the Christian message and the interpretation of this truth for every new generation.”
Paul Tillich, Systematic Theology, 1.1

Theology as thinking and speaking about God does not belong in the dusty halls of seminaries or the ivory tower of academia. It belongs in our sanctuaries, fellowship halls, youth rooms, Sunday schools, and pulpits. Anywhere people are thinking about God, there must be someone who asks the question of how it affects each new generation. If we fail to adapt theology in very particular ways, it might as well disappear from our discourse altogether.

What role does theology play in your church? How does your church act out its theology? Is it an important discussion point for your congregation?


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