Great Argument for Marriage Equality

Last February, a video began circulating around the internet that showed a man speaking in an Iowa court defending the right for same sex couples to be married. I didn’t get a chance to post or comment on it back then. It’s now making a resurgence around Facebook and Twitter, so I want to post it and say just how much I appreciate his articulation of his experience of family. Check out the video below.

It’s well articulated. Persuasive. And I already agreed with him before watching the video.

This guy used a courtroom to tell his story. It’s a story that still needs to be heard.

How can we help kids who are being victimized or struggling with these issues of sexuality (whether their own or with their parents) so that they don’t take the route so many have by harming themselves? How can we, as a society, foster an environment for growth and holistic health for everyone in our communities? Not just white, heterosexual males with proper documentation of citizenship.

These are the questions that keep me up at night. And probably will continue to.



  1. We can be vocal. Not pushy. We can be calm and rational. Not extreme. We can listen. We can explain. We can be show the human aspect to this argument. We can be proud of our thoughts and feelings. We can present that pride with the opposer in mind.

    Don’t be silent. Be vocal in these ways. Where ever you so choose to express the rights of people to be equal.

    That’s my answer.

    • That’s a heck of an answer, Rachel. I think that’s exactly what it will take. Being vocal and patient, not aggressive. Sadly, I think a lot of it might just be waiting until our generation is in the majority. This is generally how things progress. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rachel. I think they’re quite excellent.

  2. I can’t see how you can support God’s teachings in the Bible and support Gay marriage. The United States was built on religious people who believed in God. If we turn away from God, he will turn away from us. I love all people, but supporting their actions is to turn away from God. Christ loved all people, as do I. But he also asked them to repent and turn away from their sins. I don’t see how you can call yourself a Christian who believes in the Bible and still and still back same-sex marriage. If Christ were on the Earth he would not support them, he would ask them to repent.

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