2012 Book Challenge

Alright, everyone. It’s a new year and I’ve been trying to think of something to do for a “resolution” of sorts, but without it being too subjective and big picture so that I’ll actually do it. I’ve always said my goals were to “exercise more” or “write more” or “_______ more”. This year it’s going to be different.

Now that I just have my internship to complete for my Master of Divinity degree, the required reading has vanished. Which can sometimes be a great thing, but I want to make sure I keep reading and hold myself accountable to that. So my 2012 resolution has to do with reading.

My friend Frank made an audacious claim that he was going to read 100 books this year. I was totally on board. Since then, we’ve come down from it a bit. The goal is 60 books in 365 days — essentially 5 books per month. One book per month has to be a new release from the last 6 months. Otherwise it can be a combo of theology, fiction, business, biography… any kind really.

By all means, anyone is welcome to do this. If you want to focus on re-committing to making time to read in the new year, give it a shot!

You can follow along at the link up top, or by clicking here.

Hope some of you will join!



  1. Excellent resolution. Good luck!

  2. Most years I would be open to joining in, but I’m planning to read through the Bible at least one time and then start on this reading plan, so I’m not sure what the conversion factor would be. I’ll be on the lookout for good books you’re reading, though.

    • Sounds like a heck of an endeavor! But what a way to get a hold of the Bible. Good luck on that journey! I’m sure it will be a fruitful one.

      And I’ll be certain to post some thoughts so you have some books when you come out of your Biblical adventure!

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