is 1 Year Old!

Today is a pretty special day. To think, it was only one year ago that I was sitting in a Gospel of John class bored to tears to the point where I finally decided to put the blog online! A lot of these posts started in a Microsoft Word document that just sat on my computer for awhile before finally being put on here.

In honor of the 1-year birthday, here are the top 5 most viewed posts of the last year. It gives a good perspective on a lot of the topics that got people talking. Check them out if you haven’t. There are some great conversations that have been had over the past year.

5. What Does “Love Wins” Really Mean?

4. More Programs Aren’t the Answer

3. Church in the Present Tense: Theology

2. Sermon I Want to Preach On Christmas Eve, But Won’t

1. So Here’s the Thing About Rob Bell

Those are the 5 posts that have the most traffic and have been a great catalyst for conversations.

I hope the next year sees me as blessed as I have felt in this one.

Here’s to another great year of trusting that ideas matter and that the conversation is more important than the result.


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