Music Monday: Concert Bucket List Edition

So last Thursday, Megan and I trekked all the way over to the West Valley of Phoenix to see Radiohead in concert. It was, in short, awesome.  This is a band that has been at the top of my “have to see in concert” bucket list for a good, long while. It was worth it.

But now that I’ve seen them, it leaves a pretty big vacancy at the top of the concert bucket list. So today’s Music Monday is about some contenders to replace them. AND… I want to hear your bucket list! Who are the musicians/bands you want to see in the concert the very most, but haven’t yet? Here’s my 5:

1. U2

2. The Killers

3. Mumford & Sons

4. The Flaming Lips

5. Ray LaMontagne 

So what’s on your list? Who are the bands you want to see in concert? Let me know in the comment section.



  1. Top 5

    1. Daft Punk

    2. Carlos Santana

    3.Tom Petty

    4. Beastie Boys

    5. Fleet Foxes

  2. My top two: Kanye and Mumford
    A third, just for fun: J.Timberlake, since a JT tour would likely be in support of a new JT album (which I assume would be so great it would somehow lead to the recession ending and Kony being captured within three of months of its release).

    • I had Kanye in the back of my head the whole time when I was making this list. He’d be amazing to see live.

      And there’s a clear connection between album releases and major world events. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” was released fall of 2010 and bin Laden was killed spring of 2011. Anyone can see that connection.

  3. Definitely Mumford & Sons… I thoroughly enjoy the depth of their lyrics.
    Maybe also: Of Monsters and Men

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