1. behind the drama.

    I am also VERY grateful to see as pastor who is not averse to swearing. What another relief.

    As for me, I am a fledgling columnist and I write about stuff that involves the culture. You can find my articles at, which is a community newspaper in Parma, Ohio. I have lots of ideas about ways I would like to engage the culture, and engage the people around me to talk about and join the conversation. Someone has suggested that I start blogging. I have no idea how to get started, but I think I had better figure it out pretty quick.

    Thank you for this article. I am the mother of two sons, aged 24 and 18. We haven’t talked about the VMA performance; I don’t know if we will. I’m still working on just getting my younger son to clean the litterbox regularly. But your website will fortify me and help me to be ready when other issues arrive on my mind’s doorstep that need to be brought in and :to the conversation.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



    P.S. And,m oh, yeah. I’m a Christian. I’m an Anglican. I go to Christ Church Westshore in Bay Village, Ohio. My pastor is Gene Sherman and he blogs, too. God bless.

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