James K.A. Smith Supports My Addiction

Keep books in every room of the house. Pile them up on the end table or nightstand or back of the toilet. Have the books there, staring at you, inviting you, wooing you, calling to you, shaming you. Keep bumping into them. Pick them up and look at them. And even if you have a first job, resist signing up for cable and spend the end of each day reading. Then find a friend who loves to read (and, if possible, a spouse) and talk about books.

Good to have company.



  1. Amen Eric! Who’s afraid of Postmodernity? Was a great book too.

    • I loved that book. That whole series is awesome. He has a way of breaking down guys like Derrida and Foucault into understandable terms, a large accomplishment in and of itself.

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