Music Monday: Avett Brothers Edition

Last Friday, my wife, Megan and I go to see The Avett Brothers live down here in Mesa. And they killed it. I mean absolutely killed it. They have so much energy and are so great live. I’d highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance. To whet your appetite, I decided they needed to be the focus of Music Monday.

Here are some of my favorites of theirs. I put a couple of their better known ones on here so you had a frame of reference.

  • “I and Love and You” is the first single of their latest disc. No matter how many times I listen to this song, it still hits hard.
  • “The Ballad of Love and Hate” was actually the first song I ever heard from them. Such great imagery. I almost used this song in my sermon on love this past weekend.
  • “January Wedding” is Megan’s favorite song. I think partly because of the line “True love is not the kind of thing you should turn down”… But that’s just me. It’s very sweet and showcases some of their incredible harmonies. Enjoy.
  • “Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise” is a phenomenal song. You almost can’t help but sway with the rhythm of the beat. It also has the awesome, awesome line “Decide what to be, then go be it”.
  • When I was going around youtube looking for some different live versions I came across this sweet little version of Scott doing “Just a Closer Walk”. His daughter kind of steals it, but it’s still a very sweet video.
  • BONUS: I figured since I saw them, I should post a video from the concert. Here’s them at the Mesa Amphitheater doing a cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Slip Slidin’ Away”. Actually has pretty good sound quality too.
Which one struck you as your favorite? If you are familiar with them, what are some of your favorites that I didn’t post here? They’re a great band and, like I said earlier, I would definitely recommend getting their music & finding a show close by because they are wonderful live.
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